The Global Compact International Yearbook is a grassroot publication by participants for participants of this unique UN initiative. With more than 300.000 readers all over the world (print edition + downloads) the yearbook is one of the most distributed and adopted CSR-publications. The yearbook offers in-depth information on key sustainability issues relevant to stakeholders around the world and seeks to promote comprehensive knowledge exchange and learning in the spirit of the Global Compact principles. In this way, the publication will help to advance transparency, promote the sharing of best practices, and, perhaps most significantly, will give a strong voice to the regional and global actors that are at the heart of the initiative. As an active and reporting Global Compact participant, you can contribute to the Yearbook as a content partner and sponsor.

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Selected Contributors of the 2015 Edition


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Ban Ki-Moon: „What began as a simple call to action has become a global force for good“

Global Compact International Yearbook 2015

The Global Compact International Yearbook is with more than 400,000 readers one of the worlds leading CSR publications. In the new edition Leonardo DiCaprio speaks about business and sustainability. Declares DiCaprio: “We need to change our thinking and our sense of urgency .” Leonardo DiCaprio may be one of the world’s top movie stars, but he would rather be defined and respected more for his work as a committed environmentalist. Over the years, he has personally funded as well as helped to raise tens of millions of dollars for a variety of green-related causes. He believes that his greatest legacy will be the progress he has helped make toward safeguarding the planet against the ravages of global warming, pollution, and species protection. Other issues are:

  • The state of CSR and 15th anniversary of the UN initiative
  • Private Investment and Sustainable Development
  • Voluntary Sustainability Standards

Münster/New York 2015: 172 pages, paperback
Publishing houses: macondo publishing/UN Publications
Subscription (via UN Publications only): 30.00 USD (regular) 15.00 USD (reduced)
ISBN13: 978-3-9813540-9-6 / ISSN-Print: 2365-3396 / ISSN-Internet: 2365-340x

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Information Broschure

The Global Compact International Yearbook includes good practice examples of participants and showcase different approaches to the implementation of the ten principles. In addition, a substantial editorial framework will highlight major trends and issues, globally and regionally, placing your activities as Global Compact participants in a broader context.  Find out more about the yearbook and the great options to participate in our information broschure.

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